Sorry for the unannounced hiatus---I'm glad you're still reading!

There are some big changes ahead for our family, and it's all so very exciting, and it's happening so very fast, I can hardly think about anything else... but of course, I can't blog about it until it's sunk in a little bit. Or at least been finalized.

And then Nathan dove out of the stroller, giving himself a concussion. It was a very exciting Mother's Day indeed, but even if I'd had a spare moment to blog about it between checking his pupils, I really couldn't properly tell the story without mentioning that all this happened the weekend that Andy was in Houston. And when your husband goes out of town, it's probably wise not to blog about it until after the fact.

Thank God, our Bug-Boy is okay, and despite driving to and from the ER all night before his flight, Andy had a wonderful time in Texas. When someone as introverted as Andy comes back glowing about how great it was to hang out with a large group of strangers about to make a decision that could quite possibly change the course of his life... well, you know the hand of God must be at work.

God's hand is so clear in all this, not only now, but in all the ways he's lead us to this place. It's one of those foot-prints-in-the-sand moments, where we finally see that God was with us all along.

It's downright euphoric.


Mrs. Speckperson said...

I completely understand! That is exactly what it's been like for us (the footprints, not the concussion). I look forward to hearing about your great adventure!

Gwen said...

What kinda of changes

Elena said...

Like WE'RE MOVING TO TEXAS!!! kinda changes.





S.J. Palmer said...

glad to hear that meepo is okay...mom told me about the concussion, but then I didn't hear anything....