Works for Me Wednesday: Better biscuits and pastries

I love biscuits.

I don't love trans fats. Trans fats aren't food. They don't serve any nutritional purpose, except to clog up arteries, and prevent our bodies from properly absorbing the nutrients that we need. Particularly the fats that toddlers need for things like... brain development, for instance. With everything we now know about trans-fats, I just don't keep shortening in the house.

But I love biscuits. And unless you love the flavor of lard, shortening is the only way to give your biscuits the right texture. For the past few years, I've made my biscuits and pie crusts with butter, but it just isn't the same. They have a sublime flavor, but they're harder to make, and they turn out kinda heavy.

Until one day a few weeks ago, when I wanted to make a pie, but all my butter was in the freezer. And so instead of cutting the butter into the dry ingredients as usual, I simply grated the frozen block. With a cheese grater. It wasn't much hassle, and the crust turned out beautifully. Since the butter is still frozen, it stays solid long enough to let the dough bake around it a little, leaving those little puffs that give biscuits and pastry their scrumptious lightness. It's the best of both worlds. Now my biscuits and pie crusts turn out just as flaky and light as if I'd used shortening, only buttery and flavorful. And a whole lot better for my kiddos growing noggins, and for all of our arteries.

Works for me!


MommaBlogger said...

"Grate" idea! (Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) ).

That's something I've seen before, but I've never really tried it. I tend to use only butter in anything I can get away with as well. I may have to try that for my biscuits though. I have a really great biscuit recipe (black pepper biscuits) that would probably work great for that.`

Gwen said...

Ha. That is great!

Totallyscrappy said...

I'm going to have to give this a try!

Avido said...

A way to make food better........?


robbie said...

hey that is great. my mom has tought me how to make amazing biscuits with oil. you can use olive oil too. you have to use extra light, but it is still olive oil. if you wnt the recipe let me know!!!