Fruit of my labor

Having put in a week or so of gentle warm-up contractions, and 12 hours or so of intense labor, you'd think I'd have a baby to show for it.

Not yet.

But I do have this cute little bag for September's birthday.

Jessica linked to an adorable granny square tote, which inspired this (much simpler) project.

In digging the newborn clothes out of the attic, I realized just how much fantastic material I have for rag crochet. This used to be a skirt and a shirt. Much cuter this way.

It was good distraction... and it feels good to have something to show for it, anyway.


Jessica said...

Aw, that is cute! (Actually, when I saw the picture, the first thing I thought was: "I should show her that granny square bag I found; I bet she'd like it too!" :D )

I worked on finishing a baby blanket for Sam when I was in labor with him. In fact, I crocheted a hat and booties while wishing I WAS in labor. I swear, I thought, "maybe if I just finish this hat, he'll come. Okay, maybe if I finish the booties, he'll come. Okay, he can't come yet because he doesn't have a blanket. Maybe if I finish this blanket . . ." It was a very silly kind of magical thinking, but at the end of a long pregnancy, it ALMOST made sense to me.

I've been thinking of you often these last few days, and am praying your new little one comes safely and soon!

Ashley said...

That is amazing. I am quite jealous of all my crafty friends! I wish I knew how to sew.