10 times the fun

One of our favorite games around here is a sort of unstructured combination of "Simon Says" and "Follow the Leader." Dadders or I will line the wuggies up, and say... oh... "Touch your nose!"

And everybody fishes around trying to find their respective noses, giggling gleefully. Then, as they start really getting into the game, they'll start taking the lead, and coming up with things for everybody to do. Which will probably involve hopping about and making strange noises. Leadership just passes fluidly from one person to the next, and we all have an uproarously grand time.

As we were enjoying one such game of "Somebody Says," I called out "Touch your toes!" This was a big hit indeed, since none of us were quite flexible to do so without a bit of contortion.

Once we'd all managed to get ourselves into a good toe-touching position, Nathan shifted his fingers a mere centimeter over, and called out "Touch the other-one toes!"

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Anonymous said...

Ah, a boy after my own heart.