Accidents will happen...

...but so will on-purpose-es, and that's what has me flumoxed. Everybody seems to be talking about potty training today, so I might as well join in and blog about my own woes.

We've had the potty chair out for quite some time, but we've been very low-key about it so far. But now, Nathan seems definitely ready to start training in earnest. Isaiah isn't really interested, which is probably a good thing... we'll take this one wuggy at a time.

We're planning on switching straight over from diapers to regular underwear on Saturday. We'll expect lots of accidents, and do a lot of laundry. We'll be very patient and loving, but Nathan will have lots of intrinsic motivation to stay clean and dry.

I can do this.

Anyway, over the past few days, I've been getting a head start by putting Nathan in big boy underwear for just a couple of hours. After he uses the bathroom, washes his hands, and gets a treat (Hurray for Nathan! A chocolate chip for everybody!) I offer him a big glass of water. I set the kitchen timer, and then we do the whole thing all over again in 20 minutes. It's been working well so far. We've only had one accident.

One accident, and one on-purpose.

Just a few moments before the timer went off, Nathan pulled down his pants, took aim, and carefully peed all over a favorite throw pillow.

I don't think I let my anger show. I just remarked how sad it was, and I guess he's just not quite ready for this, and put him in a diaper.

ButI'm pretty, um, shall we say... er...

No, we shan't say. I'll keep the blog clean--even if the blue pillow isn't.

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veritas said...

Hi! Potty training went smoothly for us thanks to the book "potty trained in less than a day." The only issue we noticed - the book says they'll pee after 20 minutes of drinking. Peyton held it for nearly 3 hours.

Good luck!