Works for Me Wednesday: Celebrations

To bribe or not to bribe, that is the question.

External rewards can be powerful motivators, but they can also turn into fuel for brattyness, when the wuggies start demading them as rights, necessary conditions for good behavior.

So we've stopped rewarding good behavior. Instead, we celebrate. When one of the kids does the right thing even though he (or she!) really doesn't want to, everybody gets a special treat. When Isaiah quietly gets into his carseat even though he REALLY doesn't want to leave the park, we have a litty party when we get home. We clap and cheer and dance and talk about how happy we are for Isaiah's moral victory, and everybody gets stickers, or maybe even a new car. (Won't be so feasible at 16, but at age 3, we can do this!)

Somehow this shifts the focus to a more free and grace-filled understanding of righteousness. We don't obey so that we can get treats, we obey because it is good, and the treats are a really useful reminder of that.

As for the treats themselves, we really love Speed Wheels. They're pretty much like Matchbox or Hot Wheels, only half as expensive, and of much higher quality. They actually have contracts with the various auto manufacturers, and the detail is really impressive. Especially for 50 cents. =)

Works for me!


Jessica said...

I think this is great! We have started this with our 21 month old and it really works! She has been sharing better with baby sister since we started. Thanks for sharing!

Avido said...

I decided I should bri...(oops), I mean celebrate your comment from the other day. Thanks, I am dancing around and talking about how happy I am for your comment!

Elena said...