"Do you guys know what today is? Today is the day we pick up Aunt Sarah from the airport!"

"See airplanes?"

"And pilots. Airplane pilots."

"That's right. We'll get to see some airplanes."

"Aunt Sarah a pilot."

"No, Aunt Sarah's not a pilot, she's a passenger. She's just riding on the airplane."

"Aunt Sarah pilot."

"Before we go to the airport, though we're going to stop at the 99c store."

"Buy airplanes!"

"Well, actually we're going to buy balloons, since it's Aunt Sarah's birthday."

"Buy helicopters!"

"Dadders buy airplane!"

"No, Dadders ride on helicopter!"

"Ride on helicopter! Ride on helicopter!"

"Wugger ride on helicopter!"

"Meepo ride on helicopter!"

"Dadder buy helicopter!"

"Ride helicopter!"

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Kristi said...

This is cute!! My three little ones and I have very similar conversations!!!

I found you bouncing around from a few other blogs - God bless!