Good Weekend

Andrew's school held a classical education conference this weekend, and a couple of students volunteered to watch the kids, so I got to go on Saturday.

It felt so very, very good to spend the day with grown-ups.

Andrew gave his talk on the relationship between pure and applied mathematics, which went quite well.

There was much singing of hymns and folk songs, and it was astonishingly tuneful. Thinking and singing both! Ah, such food for the soul!

The main speaker, Dr. Markos, is a Lewis scholar, and had lots of good stuff to say about the role of literature, and the Tao, the Chronicles of Narnia, the myth of the Enlightenment, etc. etc. etc. We stayed afterwards for a long time talking with him, and in addition to being quite brilliant, he's a splendidly nice fellow. He teaches at HBU, which is only the other side of Houston, so I have high hopes that we'll be able to hear him again sometime.

Over the course of our conversation, Dr. Markos happened to mention Cici's as a great place to feed a family on the cheap, and so when we got home, we loaded the kids up and took them out for pizza.

The food was exactly what you'd expect from a $5 all-you-can-eat buffet, but the manager was extremely friendly and personable, and did everything he could to make us feel welcome.

It's a strange thing, but having a really friendly pizza place makes life so much sweeter. Moreso than you'd think. It's one of those little things that turns out to be a big thing, even if the food isn't all that great.

Yup. It's been a good weekend.

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