One must never underestimate the importance of being bored.

Ah, the sweet sound of happy children.

I'd been feeling guilty for being such a homebody, not taking my children out of the house enough. But this week, that hasn't been a problem.

We've been running around non-stop, and it was all stuff they enjoy, too. I mean, going to the bank may be a boring errand for me, but the local WaMu branch has a terrific play area, so that's actually a special treat for the wuggies. And real estate contracts may be dull, but the Re/Max office is a new place they've never been before. And it was all interspersed with fun stuff particularly for the kids, like the McDonalds play place and the zoo.

But slowly, over the course of the week, well... let's just say that strangers have stopped remarking over the good behavior of my children.

This morning was rocky, and this latest bit of misbehavior resulted in a safety hazard which I'm not quite sure how to resolve in the short term. So into their bedroom they went, and there they will stay until lunch, and our afternoon of errands. And oh, there's quite an afternoon of errands ahead. Without the luxury of time, I'm running around collecting documents, rather than waiting for people to send them to me at their leisure. So we'll be taking a grand tour of the greater Houston area this afternoon.

Anyway the kids are in their bedroom, and happier than they've been in several days.

I wish I could just stay home and read to the kids and catch up on chores today.

But I think it's going to be okay, because the wuggies have had their dose of boredom, and that makes all the difference.

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