Since I've started categorizing my beliefs, I've discovered that I believe a lot of things on authority. That's not surprising in itself. I'm very small, and there's no way I could possibly figure out for myself everything I need to know. People who don't take anything on authority generally die from eating poisonous mushrooms. Or the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. Or legos, for that matter. (Oh how we miss the legos, now that Willie's dooping about...)

Of course I take things on authority. What's strange is that I accept on authority precisely those things that I think I'm basing on logic.

This is a terrific way to be duped.

We should take things on authority only from people we consider trustworthy. We must have reason to believe that they (a.) know what they're talking about, and (b.) are telling us the truth.

If we are serious about truth, we need to make wise judgments about which sources are trustworthy. We can only do that if we are conscious and intentional about it.

If we think we're operating on the basis of logic and evidence, we'll accept Edmund's testimony over Lucy's every time.

Which is a great way to get yourself conned.


Robbie Pollard said...

The only absolute authority is scripture. If you are believing anything else you could very well be conned. Believe only in Scripture as the absolute authority!!

Elena said...

As I think about these things, I'm constantly reminded of the words "he spoke, not as the scribes, but as one with authority."

The Word of Truth resounds with clarity, power, and righteousness.

I'm relearning over and over just how important it is to saturate my life with Scripture.

Wendy said...

Glad to have you back to blogging and writing about these deeper things you've been thinking about. It took my feed reader a couple weeks (!!) to catch up suddenly.

Elena said...

Aww, thanks! I've been enjoying your posts, too. (Man, I've got to update my blogroll!)