The smartest men who ever wrote were sometimes rather smart;
Perhaps I'll learn a thing or two by practicing their art.
And so I'm writing sonnets just as best as I am able,
Except for how I add the odd, and oddly said, syl-able.

A funny thing it is, the way the structure shapes the thought;
It seems a touch more arbitrary than it really ought.
The poem tends to turn in ways I never quite expected,
For words don't always go the places where they've been directed.

I used to think that Shakespeare wrote a lot of lovely rhyme,
But that's a thought that's fading with the spinning on of time.
Now I think that it was Shakespeare who was written by the sonnet--
If I would like to be wrote, too, I'd best be getting on it.

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Elena, am I picking you up on Thursday? When and where?