Depth of Texture

At 6 months, Willie spends most of his time closely examining sundry objects. It's just what you do when you're 6 months old, as inevitable and instinctual as the craving for mother's milk.

The merest twig is well worth close examination. The works of God are marvelous, and their beauty bears up even under a lifetime of inspection.

There is a time and a place for the bright flashing plastic, so demandingly undemanding, that lulls him into forgetfulness while I tend to other things.

Yes, there is most definitely a time and a place--but it is for my sake much more than his.

For his sake, the pinecones and leaves, that he may not strive endlessly after mudpies, but be content with the sea.

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Terynn said...

AMEN to the sentiment, love the Lewis reference and welcome back! (grin)