Lenten Carnival

You should head on over to Homemaking Through the Church Year, where Jessica is hosting a lenten carnival.

I know most evangelicals don't observe lent. And there's certainly nothing obligatory about it. But the themes that our liturgical brethren are thinking about during this season are important ones for every Christian.

One of the reasons why liturgical churches follow a unified yearly schedule is so as to facilitate a sort of worldwide conversation--lots of believers thinking about the same things all at once.

Right now they're thinking about repentance, and sanctification, and the costly grace that makes it possible. About the long, hard process of disentangling oneself from the things that keep us from being fully devoted to Christ. Living in the already and the not yet, waiting for Easter.

Of course, I don't agree with everything in all the posts, but I do think the conversation is worth listening in on.

Remember, O man, that thou are dust, and to dust thou shalt return...

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