Brain Transplant

Andy insists it's more like a soul transplant. I don't know about that... but it was still pretty creepy.

It was amazingly simple. We left all the complicated details untouched. The keyboard, the monior the mouse... all the same. Just disconnect a few wires, find a place for the new box, plug it all in again, and you're good to go.

Even the dsl modem that we didn't pay $200 to have the technician install... so easy.

The hardest part of the whole process was figuring out how to turn the thing on. (Nothing's happening. Is the power supply connected? Oh... wait... that's the eject button for the 3.5...)

But when all was in place, and we finally found the right button...

The screen lit up emblazoned with the Compaq logo.

Not Toshiba.

And it's waking-up routine was all wrong.

Where was the endless series of warnings? It was supposed to inform us that the computer was positively on the verge of exploding... really shouldn't boot up... oh, if you insist... just this once...

No warnings, not error notices, no nothing.

It just... well... booted up.


Which is abnormal enough, but on top of that, the order was all wrong, the fonts were all wrong. Everything. It was all wrong.

We stared incredulously.

And when it booted up, it was an entirely different computer. But with the same monitor, complete with the streaks from when Nathan "washed" it for me yesterday, and the same keyboard and the same mouse. The same body, really.

Nothing had changed except everything, and it spooked me out.

And when I looked over and saw that it spooked him out in exactly the same way, with the same proportions of glee and discomfort metaphysical musings, I remembered again why we were meant to be together.

Brain transplants are just so much more fun that way.


slowlane said...

I did that recently to my computer, too, and I still haven't recovered.

Matthew said...

Congratulations? It's hard to be congratulatory when you keep mentioning that you're spooked out...

Actually, I'm pretty impressed and glad (and kind of proud, really) that it all worked out for you. My only concern is that going from Toshiba to Compaq is sort of like trading in your Camry for a Pinto...

Elena said...

Especially when you bought your Compaq for $150?

But um... in this case...

It's actually a BIG step up.

Matthew said...

Well, hey. Even a 2002 Pinto (if there were such a thing) can beat out a 1986 Camry.

Brain transplant, huh... I suddenly have this strange vision of you hunched over with a wild look in one eye, sending off your husband with a raspy voice choking out, "Andy, go for brains..."

Matthew said...

I suppose I should note that I just recently upgraded my computer heartily from a civic with only three wheels to a taurus with all four, and it was only about 1/3 of your cost, so who am I to judge?

Elena said...

So now that you have a computer with four wheels (why does a computer need wheels, again?) are you going to get a blog?

Really, you must.

Matthew said...

Feel free to ask me in person why. I'll refrain from littering your blog with an essay on my personal habits. =)