An eye-opening conversation

Nathan has been babbling in complex sentences for quite some time. His intonation is perfect, if a bit exaggerated, and I love listening to his well-modulated voice. He's quite the engagingly pedantic lecturer.

I never could catch a word of what he said, but he spoke with such authority, I wasn't entirely sure if that was because it was nonsense or because his obscure metaphysical distinctions and acute insights into quantum mechanics were just a touch beyond my understanding.

Whatever the case, either his diction or my understanding has been improving tremendously, and we're beginning to understand one another. It's a strange and marvelous thing to start to see a little deeper into that noggin of his.

It was quite a shock, the first time I actually understood one of these discourses. He was tugging at my pants asking for a "koo-kee." I told him no, but we'd be having dinner in a few minutes. Up to this point, the exchange was quite typical and ordinary, just what you'd expect.
But then, on pondering my verdict, he waxed eloquent.

He nodded sagely. Clear as a bell, and without the slightest trace of judgment one way or the other, he remarked "I'll be a glutton."

I kid you not.

Anyway, yesterday morning Nathan and I had a wonderful conversation about eyes. He has eyes, Mama has eyes, Bubba has eyes, Tembo has eyes... we tried counting eyes, but that didn't work out so well. He kept counting two noses on his own face.

After a long, contemplative pause, in which he struggled to remember, he finally pronounced that Dadders has eyes.

But not Grampa.


Perhaps I should call home to make sure he doesn't know something I don't...


Destination...Gloryland! said...

That's too funny!

Christa said...

Haha! 'I'll be a glutton'. :) Out of the mouth of babes. . . .

I should start saying that to myself a bit more often to keep ME out of the cookies!