Small chocolate shake and directions, please.

I know that there ae scarier things than being lost in the shabbier parts of Orange, late at night after all the shops have closed.

Having forgotten both cell phone and Thomas Guide.

Knowing every minute that you're gone, your already frazzled husband is struggling vainly to console a hungry baby.

Somewhere in my head, I know that there are scarier things. But I'm still shaking.

Thank God for In-N-Out.


Matthew said...

Glad you made it home.
(So was Tembo, I imagine.)

Christa said...

That sounds really scary. And who doesn't love In-n-out? We don't really have them in CO - but I've been in one before and it was great. :)

The worst part is probably not even being in a scary place though - more like having the knowledge that the world is falling apart without you there.

Elena said...

Yup. I actually didn't feel terribly unsafe inside my little glass-and-steel bubble... but there was no way I was getting out to find a pay phone or a friendly stranger who knew the area...

And I knew I'd get home eventually, I just didn't know when.

Somehow, waiting in the long line of the drive-thru was the worst of it. Because then, I finally knew how to get home, and knew just HOW far away I was... but I couldn't do a thing until they got the burgers to the five cars in front of me.

HolyMama! said...

the chocolate had to have been every bit as helpful as the directions!