My mind is scattered in a million different directions, running full force in each of them.

It really has been a productive day so far. All sorts of matron-of-honor stuff. Much planning, much coordinating of schedules. Everything is tidily organized and falling into place.

Except for my own mind, and the day at hand.

I feel like a warehouse, not terribly overfull, but entirely lacking in shelving. I can't put two words together into a coherent sentence without tripping over all the clutter scattered through my mind.

I just put the boys down for a quiet time, and I'm nursing Tembo down for a nap.

Then I'm going to take a shower, read a few Psalms, and sit down to map out the rest of the afternoon.

But maybe I should put in the pizza dough first.

Because if I've learned anything from this morning, it's that you really musn't let details like that slip through the cracks.


Christa said...

Isn't that the truth! Right when you think you're almost on top of things, some long-forgotten detail comes back to mind and you need to do it. . . like food.


Elena said...

Yeah... food.