There's a lot of formatting left to do. And when you're just starting to figure out Finale, that's no small thing.

But all the material is all there, and worst case scenario, I could print out a very unprofessional-looking score right now and insert the necessary markings by hand.

And there's still a month before the wedding!

I'll still dink around with it. Andy's promised to give me a bunch of time to compose during the month of July, and there's no lack of ways to use it. There's one measure that I'd like to alter a little bit, to make it a tad less repetative. And of course I want to get some feedback from fellow musicians.

It would be very lovely to lengthen it out such that the bridesmaids would enter ever 16 beats, as opposed to every 8, so that each would enter at the start of a new semi-phrase. It would be even more special if I made each variation somehow reflective of the different bridesmaids, so that it would be a Stacia-ish permutation of the theme while Stacia processed, and a Heather-ish one while Heather processed, etc, etc, etc. But with eight of us, I'm not so sure how practical that is... Besides the fact that making all the phrases of uniform length could have quite a stagnating effect. We'll see.

But in any case, I can safely experiment around with all that, secure in the knowledge that I have something ready in any case.

It's a good feeling.

(I can't believe it. My music is actually going to be performed. At my best friend's wedding. As the processional, no less. In case you hadn't noticed, I am very, very excited.)

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