Works for Me Wednesday: Sorting out my laundry system

Last week, we had an out-of-control laundry situation.

One week of spring cleaning later, and we have a big, but controlled laundry situation. Which, really, is the best you can hope for when you have three in diapers, I think.

Part of the reason things are so much better now is because I washed, dried, folded, and put away approximately three-hundred-mazillion-forty-eight loads.

But that's only part of it.

The main reason things are under control now, and the only reason I was able to that much laundry, is our new laundry hamper.

I'm not sure how wholeheartedly I can recommend the particular product. It's kinda flimsy. Serviceable, but not terribly stable. And the mesh separating out the compartments won't hold out if you happen to overfill one of them. But the concept is absolutely wonderful, and turns laundry into something that makes sense.

The whole idea of a tripartate laundry hamper is, of course, to divide the laundry according to color, but I've got my own system right now. We don't happen to have any new red items at the moment, so I haven't been worried about colors. Instead, I'm dividing up my laundry according to "needs extra attention" and "just throw it in." It's amazingly easy to do a load of wash that you don't have to even think about, and it's very energizing. And a load consisting solely of stained items actually isn't that bad, either. Instead of feeling despair at how many items need pre-treating, I feel a great sense of accomplishment as I push through all the "hard laundry."

My third category won't be necessary once things are more under control, but right now, I really do need a "don't bother washing it until you're through with the stuff we actually wear" category. The too-small clothes to give away really do need to get washed... someday. But it's much lower on the priority list. Besides, it's just a bad situation when those clothes that you only wear because there's nothing else clean wind up on the top of the laundry pile, and end up being the only thing clean once again.

The other wonderful thing about our new hamper is the lid and the overhead bar. This means that I can fold everything right there at the dryer, pile it up on the lid, hang stuff from the bar, and wheel the whole thing right into the various bedrooms. It's all right there, and I'm not tempted to procrastinate on the whole putting-it-away bit.

So that's how I'm getting the laundry done.

It works for me!


Lori said...

I've used a 3-part sorter before, and it really does work until it starts falling apart. What I especially love about your plan is the "needs special attention" section. I definitely need to find a way to implement this in my house.

Nikki said...

Fun system! We have a three part sorter. I used to have one like yours but it was too flimsy for us. This one has three mesh bags on a pvc tip frame and it rolls. But because it doesn't have the top part, it's actually stronger. The first section is colors, the middle is whites, the last is towels. Sorting definitely makes things more attainable doesn't it?

Kathryn said...

We were given one from Target as a wedding gift. It is not flimsy at all and has canvas bags. We separate it out into darks, mediums and whites as we take off dirty clothes, and have a separate hamper just for towels. It is the best system. I have never fallen behind on laundry since getting this nifty gadget.

Mom2fur said...

I like this idea! Really, how many times have we thrown something into a wash with a stain we didn't notice...and end up cooking the stain? Just having separate places for 'needs attention' and 'can wait a bit' laundry is a really, really smart way to handle it. I'm going to try this one. Maybe I'll actually catch up to my laundry one day, LOL!

Kathleen Marie said...

This is a great idea. I have had a divider as well -- one is for dry cleaning which does not happen very often.