Joke's on us

Yesterday afternoon, as I was paying for my groceries at the farmer's market, I paused, trying to remember what date to put on my check. I'm always having to ask the cashier, but ever since they put that 2 doz. per family limit on the eggs, I've been coming 'round an awful lot, so I figured that the question was probably getting pretty old. After a few facial contortions, I remembered that March had just ended... "Oh! It's..."

"No," she smiled, "that was yesterday. Today's the second."

Bummer. I'd missed it again.

On the way home, however, I realized that we'd been the recipient of a fantastically delightful (not to mention disorienting!) joke.

Saturday night, Justy watched the kids, and Andy and I went out for a night of superb amateur theatre. We had a great time, but Shakespeare didn't write short plays, and when you factor in driving the babysitter home and then discussing the interpretation of Malvolio over a bowl of ice cream.... we didn't exactly get to bed early.

Which was problematic, because we really, really needed to get to church on time.

Of course, it's always a good idea to get to church on time, and it's always just a little bit out of reach--though we've been doing much better, lately.

But this was Palm Sunday. And Palm Sunday only comes around once a year, and the extra-special part is at the very beginning. And Palm Sunday when you're three? That only comes around once, period. We had to get those wuggies to church on time.

Moreover, I had to rehearse for the Easter service. I had to be at church an hour early. An hour and a half, if I didn't want to be sight-reading.

We crashed into bed Saturday night without even setting our alarms, and in the morning I woke in a panic, desperate to know what time it was. I glanced up at the clock, but the clock was gone. That's right, the boys knocked it over. Shoot.

I booted up the computer.


Upon seeing that I had an hour in which to get everyone ready for church, I promptly fell back asleep for "just a few minutes more."

But amazingly enough, this time it really was just a few minutes more, and after that, I really was ready to face the day.

Clothes. Must find clothes for everybody. I tiptoed into the boys' room, and glanced into their drawers.


I had done a load of laundry every single day, some days two, and yet the laundry pile stands as massive ever, and the twins had nothing to wear to church. Nothing. I seriously do not get it.

I quickly picked a few key items out of Mount Shirt-and-vest, told the washing machine to forget about the second rinse, and started a load.


I threw on a dress, ran a comb through my hair, started the coffee pot, and began frying eggs as quickly as I could. (I didn't break a single one, either. Am I good, or am I good?)


I dressed Tembo, fixed her hair, hoped that she wouldn't smear herself with egg yolk, and dashed out the door, leaving Andy to do the rest.

When I got to church I had to try several doors before I found one that was unlocked. The choir room was utterly deserted. Were they in the sanctuary?

No, the early mass had already started.

I looked for a clock.

It said 7:55--I guess every building has to have at least one forgotten clock leftover from the time change. That meant that it must be 8:55, and I was 10 minutes late. JAC had said it would just be a quick run-through... but how was it that they were completely gone so soon?

One of the ladies setting up in the kitchen asked what I was looking for, and I told her I was trying to find JAC and the musicians.

"Oh, they usually come around 8:30."

It took me a few minutes to figure out if she was speaking of 8:30 as in the past,
or yet to come, but it slowly dawned on me that the clock was right after all.

Daylight savings came two weeks earlier that our computer expected, and we'd reset it manually. Now the computer had automatically "sprung forward" all over again... and I had time! Wonderful, gloriously unexpected time!

Time to find my part, and run through it. Time to warm up, and remember how to coax a beautiful sound out of my flute. Time to improvise freely and playfully and meditatively and worshipfully. Time, flute in hand, to prepare my soul for the eucharist.

Wonderful, wonderful gift!

Sometime later, Andy pulled up with the van full of wuggies, discouraged that the laundry had caused them to be 45 minutes late.

Or 15 minutes early, as the case may be.

Quite the April fools. Quite the April fools.


Emily said...

Oh Elena, how incredibly funny! That has to be the best April 1st story ever. :)

Robbie said...

we call our laundry pile "Mt. Neverrest"!!