Deep Fried Hummus

Growing up, my best friends mom was an incredible cook. Her lumpia and adobo were amazing treats, but actually spaghetti and meat ball nights were nearly as memorable. Her vegetarian "meat"balls were way better than any actual meatballs I've ever tasted.

I think it might have been falafel?

In any case, my falafel never turns out quite like that.

Come to think of it, my falafel just doesn't turn out at all.

I thought maybe it would improve matters if I slightly cooked the chickpeas, instead of merely soaking them overnight.

And then I thought maybe if I added more liquid, my blender wouldn't make such a dreadful racket.

My blender gladly pureed the whole thing in matter of seconds...

And I had a lovely batch of... hummus.

I should have just quit while I was ahead, and planned on making some pita chips tomorrow. But I'm stubborn, and I tried to go ahead with the original falafel plan.

Anyway, all this to say, if you happened to be wondering whether or not it's possible to deep-fry hummus...

...t isn't.

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Jesicah said...

Hey, Elena! I found your blog through your sister's, which she has on facebook (which is an excellent network, by the way). Anyway, I was lurking and I happened to see this.

She made them out of tofu, with walnuts (I think, I'm not sure) and breadcrumbs. I could ask her, but she's all the way across town and that phone call would just take too long...