Works-for-me-Wednesday: Hundreds of Cooking Mentors

There are a lot of fabulous recipes floating around the internet.

There are also a lot of not-so-fabulous recipes floating around the internet, and sometimes it's hard to know the difference.

That's why I love recipezaar.com.

Thousands of recipes, all collected in one place. Anything you'd like to make, there's probably at least a dozen different versions right there.

Some of the recipes are good, some aren't... but with recipezaar you don't have to actually subject your family to them all in order to find out which are which. Anyone can rate the recipes, and add commentary on what did and didn't work, what changes they made, etc. So whenever I search for a recipe, I just sort my results by rating. If 100 people have thought this was a five star recipe... well, it's probably a pretty good risk.

But even if one stand-out recipe has 100 five star ratings, I usually read the first few recipes... AND the comments. Generally speaking, the folks who bother writing reviews are really good cooks, and I learn a lot from them. I can then take the best elements of each recipe, combined with the best alterations from reviewers, and try out a brand new recipe pretty confident of success.

And that's the best part. It's a great recipe resource, but really, you can get recipes anywhere. But all the reviews and comments have given me the skills I need to really make the most out of a recipe.

Reaping the benefits of everybody else's trial and error? Oh yes, it works for me!


Emily said...

Elena, do you like Recipezaar better than Allrecipes, or not? And why?

Elena said...

I do like recipezaar better, but mostly just out of familiarity. I know my way around recipezaar better.

There's a few features that I like at recipezaar that allrecipes doesn't seem to have, like glossary links in the ingredient lists, and user photos... it's kind of nice to be able to visually associate different comments and recipes as coming from the same source.

But for the most part they look like pretty much the same thing.

sam said...

Thanks for the link. I am trying to be better at menu planning, this should help!