Close Neighbors

Yesterday morning, when I poked my head outside and saw two extremely full garbage canisters out by the curb, I thought to myself, what a good man. After working two consecutive 16 hour days, he still thought to put out the trash before stumbling off to work again at 6am.

When Andy came home from work, he was quite pleased to see that his normally scatterbrained wife had remembered the trash, as evidenced by the two empty garbage canisters out by the curb.

We were both rather dismayed to find two extraordinarily full garbage canisters behind the house.


Lauren said...

I thought for sure you were going to say your "close neighbors" had done it for you. You tricked me with that title. Now I know I have to watch you. :)

Elena said...

=) We were sure tricked by those 'close neighbors' ourselves!

And yeah, pretty much. I always get a kick out double meanings. =)