Mr. Rogers for President. Part I: Aphoria

It's a strange thing indeed. Just a few short weeks ago, I remember saying that electibility was the biggest factor in my voting decision. While I favored Romney, I'd be happy if with any of the Republican candidates, just so long as they could win the general election. Except, of course, for Rudy Guiliani or Ron Paul.

And here I am this morning, positively quivering with excitement. 2008 is a year like no other. This year I have the opportunity to vote for Ron Paul. It'd be a miracle if he won the nomination--his support base is just far too bipartisan for that. But right now, I'm thinking that even so, I'd rather spend my primary vote in support of the ideals that Ron Paul stands for, than in selecting the Republican contender for the presidency. Any one of the candidates would be better than Clinton or Obama--may the best man win.

But as for me, I think the best man is Ron Paul.

A few weeks ago, I pretty much looked at each of the candidates as a smorgasboard of opinions, with the intention of voting for the candidate who agreed with me to the greatest degree.

But then I heard the candidate with whom I shared the most views, saying something that I thought I agreed with... and suddenly nothing made sense anymore.

Is it really wise for me to vote for someone who agrees with me in my ignorance?

Perhaps I should vote for someone more likely to be right than I am.

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