The rose needs no adornment

The other day my wonderful husband took all three kids grocery shopping, providing me with a few hours of blissful peace and solitude--as well as a re-stocked pantry. And then he came back with flowers for me.

Yes, I'm very lucky.

Flowers brighten up a place so much, make everything so much happier. And I was pleasantly surprised to note that I didn't even have to constantly step in to prevent the wuggies from destroying them. I guess they must be growing up. They looked at the flowers, and smelled them, and that was it.

Until breakfast this morning.

September picked up her empty cereal bowl and balanced it upside-down atop one of the blooms, milk dripping down the petals and leaves.

"It's wearing a hat 'cause it's pretty!"


Ma Torg said...

Ha! That is too funny! I've never commented on your blog before but I couldn't resist this time around.

Ashley said...

Last night we read a part of our children's Bible that talks about how God clothes the flowers of the field and that they don't need to find dresses for themselves. Flowers in dresses is silly. Maybe you could turn this into a theological lesson for Tembo!

Much Love,