Mr. Rogers for President. Part IV: Synthetic Nothing

Okay, this is the part where I actually start talking about the candidates.

Somewhere in the midst of this thought processes, I stumbled upon the following video:


Now, I always bought the conservative party line about marijuana, that its only effect was to make you high, and that even if sick people don't feel quite so miserable when they're high... well, that's hardly the best pain management solution. Medical marijuana is just the camel's nose under the tent, an attempt to legitimize recreational drug use among the sick, with the ultimate goal of legitimizing recreational drug use among the public in general.

But what Romney said was really weird, and made me stop and think.

"You have synthetic marijuana, don't you?"

Now, these medical marijuana patients spoke with just about all the candidates, and all the other candidates were able to look human suffering in the eye and give an honorable answer. The answers weren't always what the patients wanted to hear--almost all of the Republicans oppose medical marijuana--but everyone except Romney was able to interact with the patients in a respectful manner. Guiliani, for instance, said (approximate quote) "I'm not a doctor, so I can only go on what the FDA says, and the FDA does not recognize any legitimate medical use of marijuana." It's an awkward situation, but in the end, it's perfectly honorable to tell a sick man that you believe he's mistaken.

But that's not what Romney did. He didn't question whether marijuana was helping the man, he simply said that there were lots of other options legally available.

"You have synthetic marijuana, don't you?"

This struck me as very strange indeed. If, as the FDA says, there is no legitimate medical use for marijuana, why on earth would we have synthetic marijuana?

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