The Stakes on Torture

In this struggle against radical Islam, I believe that our respect for the dignity and liberty of the human soul is our greatest strength.

If out of expediency we turn away from that respect, we choose to seek power through cruelty rather than truth. If our cruelty is mild, then so will be our power. If that is the game we are playing, then we will surely be defeated unless we can muster up a cruelty as strong as our enemies'. I shudder at either outcome.

If we lose the ideological battles, can we hope to win the physical ones? If this ceases to be for us a war between good and evil, and becomes instead a mere power struggle, our situation is grave, because it is much more than that to them, and however we may twist our consciences, it is more than that to us as well. When we ourselves ignore the liberty and dignity of the human soul, the fervor of our cause can find no target but race and creed. We become an impotent shadow of the evil we are fighting.


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Elena, I found this interesting news item regarding Huckabee's position on torture. There are only a few comments, but the exchange is quite interesting.


Elena said...

Thanks for showing me the link.

It has me a little weirded out. I'm glad he's been persuaded, but I have a funny feeling about electing a commander-in-chief who needs persuading on that issue, and who prefaces his big anti-torture statement with the phrase 'in general.'

A-yi-yi. I agree with the commenter who said this whole thing has a dreamlike quality to it... isn't this supposed to be the United States of America?