All better.

Not only was traffic just fine, but everybody played hooky from Andy's last class, so he got to come home an hour early.

Tembo and I are going to have a grand time this afternoon, just us girls. I'm gonna get me a nice big cup of tea, and do a bunch of menu planning. This month I'm going to add up all the quantities of all the ingredients, so I know exactly what I'm doing. No more guestimating for me... not until I've made a practice of precision, anyway, and thus have developed an accurate sense for these things. I'm also going to add up the expected total cost of various meals in my repertoire. It should be a fun project... I'm quite looking forward to it. I wonder if there will be time to squeeze in a bubble bath, too?

And best of all, when the boys return this even, probably a bit the worse for the wear after their vaccinations, I will be full of love and patience and kisses for them once again.

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Rachel said...

Lucy is getting shots today, too!