It's all Greek for me!

One very busy afternoon last week, I stopped at Trader Joes to pick up some pizza dough for a quick dinner.

I ended up leaving with a whole shopping cart full of nutritious goodies... but no pizza dough.

You see, it turns out that they sell pita bread at Trader Joes. And not the nasty Sara Lee stuff, or even the quite nice pitas under the Sahara label. Oh no. These were scrumptiously fresh, covered in sesame seeds... mmm-mmm.

Last time ground beef was on sale for .99/lb, Andy cooked up a HUGE batch of seasoned patties for gyros. Inauthentic, I know, but SO yummy, even when you sub out the lamb with beef. The idea was that on busy nights we could just defrost a few patties, stir some cucumber and mint into yogurt, throw it all into pitas with some veggies, and have yummy nutritious meal pretty much effortlessly.

(Yes, I know he's wonderful, and no, you can't have him.)

But the grocery stores in our new neighborhood don't sell pita bread. So I was going to have to make my own pitas for the gyros. Which is certainly well worth the time... if you have the time. And the whole point was to have food for when there just wasn't enough time. It was all very depressing.

Somehow it never occurred to us to check at Trader Joes.

Anyway, all that is a very long and round-about way of saying that I suddenly found myself at Trader Joes, looking for yogurt for the sole purpose of making gyros. There were all sorts of other reasons why I needed yogurt, but since it was all spur-of-the moment and I didn't have my grocery list with me, I was only actually thinking about gyro-making. So that is why I passed right over the regular plain yogurt, and despite having no idea in the world what it was, bought "Greek-style" yogurt.

I have no idea what I expected, but this was definitely not it. I guess I must have been expecting something resembling regular yogurt.

And this does not.

Although I suppose you might say that regular yogurt does resemble Greek yogurt, in a shadowy sort of way, like lamps resemble suns and housecats resemble lions.

Rich and thick and creamy and flavorful... this is what yogurt is meant to be.

And if your parents just so happened to have brought you a jar of wildflower honey from a little bee farm in Arizona... who needs ice cream?

It just puts yogurt into a whole 'nother category.

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Ashley said...

I love that stuff. I got it last time I was a Trader Joes and had greek on the menu.