There's no way I'd admit to this, except that it's just so funny. Last night, the only way I managed to get dinner on the table was with the aid of the Antiques Roadshow. It's a heinous thing to snatch away these precious moments of childhood, and squander them without purpose... but I decided that dinner might be of more use to them than that hour of cognitive development, crucial though it might be. It turns out that the wuggies disagreed with me on all counts, and spent dinner politely requesting that please I serve them cookies and goldfish crackers rather than a luscious, velvety homemade macaroni-and-cheese casserole with just a hint of garlic. Admittedly, it did have rather too much romano this time--I'll post the recipe when I work out the right proportions--but still! All they ate, in fact, were the beets. Ah, the joyous serendipities of Mystery Can Night.

At any rate, the wuggies were not too pleased with my efforts to make them a nourishing meal, but they greatly enjoyed being plopped in front of the safest-looking show on the tube, and learning all about how to identify a Tiffany vase, and all about the hideous necklaces Lucille Ball had the misfortune of wearing, and how probably it was a gift, not because it was so tacky, but because she never would have bought anything nearly so expensive.

And they learned lots of other stuff, too, apparently. After dinner, Nathan began carrying around a rather beat-up carseat cover I'd brought in to wash. He proudly showed his find to Auntie Sarah.



Anonymous said...

referring to the seat cover or Auntique Sarah???

Elena said...

That's a good question. But he's been calling other things antique, too, so I'm pretty sure he was referring to the seat cover. =)