The Economy of Home

Life is very much uncertain and up-in-the-air right now. I did my one last Costco trip before our membership expired, and since I'd decided against renewing, I wanted to thoroughly stock up on the few things that are actually a good buy there.

But Andy reminded me that I shouldn't get a lot of honey, because one package would probably last us until we move.

June is only four months away, and we're moving June 2.

Where is a little less certain, but the minute Andy dismisses his last class, we're packing up for someplace where we can see the stars.

I was talking to a little neighbor boy the other day, a darling little five-year-old by the name of Orion. I misheard at first, and called him "Ryan," but he quickly and distainfully set me straight.
But I was back in good graces once I said it correctly. "Oh, Orion! Like the stars!"

He looked at me in awe. "You must be the same age as my mother! She knows about the stars, too!"

I miss Orion. And Cassiopeia, and the big and little bears, and the fathomless blur of the Milky Way... but mostly Orion. I've seen him once or twice out here, so I know he does come around, but always the mighty warrior looks so wan and sickly.

I need starlight, and want it badly, but probably not enough to leave. Inertia is a powerful thing, and moving is scary. But come June 2, we're through paying Southern California rent.

So right now, as we're figuring out how we want to structure our life, I found this excellent article especially thought-provoking. (It pays off to hang out at Amy's Humble Musings. Not only does she have good things to say, but she links good places, too!)

For more on the same topic, Nancy Pearcey has some really excellent things to say.


Emily said...

You're moving??? In JUNE??? Why did I not know this?????

Elena, you'll just have to come to every single mom's group for the next four months. I'm officially making it no longer optional. :) We're going to miss you!!!

Do you have any idea where you'll be going?

Elena said...

I think we've actually talked about this, but everything is so up in the air and hypothetical that it's hard to take seriously. I mean, it wasn't until that Costco trip that I realized that any particular plan may or may not materialize, but we really do have to leave. =/

Basically, we're trying to get our living expenses down so that Andy can get the language requirements to put together a viable application to Stanford. How we're going to get there from here is an open question, and we're looking into several options... but it sure doesn't look compatible with Southern California cost of living.

I'm going to miss you all so badly, and yes, actually making it to moms group is officially extremely high priority! See you tomorrow?

Rachel said...

:( I don't want you to move. :(

I am very happy for you, though!