WFMW: Ditch the Windex!

Ever since his summer janitorial stint a few years back, Andy has mocked me for using Windex.

"The professionals just use rags and water."


Every self-respecting housewife is dependent upon Windex... right?

Well... maybe not. A wet rag gets everything up quickly (well... everything that Windex gets up, anyway) and a dry rag buffs the glass to a lovely streak-free shine. Better results, quicker, and with no nasty fumes.

Works for me!


Marcia said...

Hi Elena

I don't know if this is a South African thing, but here we use newspaper to run the windows clean instead of that dry cloth.

It works beautifully - just try it and see, and then come let me know!

Justice Fergie said...

i'm gonna try it :-) but i feel SO PRODUCTIVE using Windex...

slowlane said...

In Colombia we used vinegar to clean windows.

But our house keeper had problems smelling and she couldn't read, and once she used vanilla instead.

The house spelled quite a bit different.

Dutchnic said...

I use a little dish washing liquid with just a sprinkle of dishwasher rinse aid to make the windows streak-free. Works for me!

Sarah Marie said...

growing up in a non-toxic home, we used (blank) newspaper AND vinegar, separate folks above have mentioned. Window-washing smelled a little...pickle-y.

Nikki said...

I will have to try this. My kids love to help with chores. I'd feel better about giving them a spray bottle of water than Windex. Thanks!