I'm okay.

My toe does not appear to be broken, just badly bruised. I can walk now, and without too much discomfort. It's back down nearly to its normal size, and the garish color scheme has settled down to a tasteful mauve, with subtle lilac accents.

The kitchen is not nearly as bad as I'd envisioned... turns out it was only one saucepan and one 9x5 casserole that had fallen out of the cupboard. Could have fooled me. It sure felt like an avalanche.

And the flour and sugar that the wuggies used to occupy themselves while I was writhing in agony? It took about 5 minutes to clean up out of the sink.

After the repairman came to check out the leak.

Actually, the repairman came while I was looking for the dirty diaper Tembo had taken off somewhere.

I finally found it in the middle of the kitchen floor.

After the repairman had left.

So anyway, we're okay.

Badly humiliated, but okay.

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