Meepo's Cubist Phase

Nathan absolutely loves to sit at the computer and scribble on MS Paint.

The other day, he drew Tembo.

Apparently he thinks that his sister is two-faced.

Then he decided to add Isaiah into the picture. And a squiggle.

The young artist then began chanting "Itch! Itch! Itch!" and started scratching his itching siblings out with the eraser function.

All this scratching had the unfortunate result of a "broken eye," but with a few more strokes, he was able to transform the image into "clowns!"

And now, for the completed masterpiece:

Come to think of it, in the end it's more abstract expressionist.

From straight representation, to cubism, to his very own symbolic system, to abstract expressionism...

I guess it makes sense. Short attention spans and all that.

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