Mystery can night just got a little more mysterious.

We're having chili tonight, and so I thought it might be a good opportunity to use up a couple of those label-less cans that every parent of toddlers has lying about.

I was pretty sure that this particular can contained either broth, black olives, stewed tomatoes, or green chiles, and that any one of those would make a splendid addition to my recipe.

I'm still pretty sure that it was one of those things.

And any one of those things would have been very nice.

Only problem is, having opened the can, I'm more confused than ever.

(And no, it did NOT go into the crock pot!)


Christa said...

Haha! Yikes!

I too, have a few of those cans. I'm sure when the End of Days rolls around they'll come in very handy.

I'm also fairly certain that I won't be using them until then.

Elena said...


Elena said...


Christa said...

Hey Elena,

Thanks for your comment - I'd email you but am not sure how. . .so here's another comment on your website.

Yes, we're going to Havasupi. I need to call your parents to see if they're down there April 30th through May 4th - I'd love to drop in and say hello.

We're going to be with my friend, her parents, her brother, and he brother's girlfriend. . . a lot of people - hopefully a brief hello wouldn't be overwhelming. :)

email me! chafemann@gmail.com