Closet Coke Addicts

I would really like some soda right now. But then I would have to share with the Wuggidy, and then nobody would get any sleep tonight.

If I was virtuous, I would set a good example and have orange juice instead.

I'm not virtuous.

I think I'm gonna have Aunt Sarah distract him.


Lauren said...

When it comes to drinking an ice cold coke, virtue is overrated anyway.

slowlane said...

You could try my mom's trick. She always said that we had to have a full glass of milk before we had any soda. Pretty often, but not always, we wouldn't be thirsty after the full glass of milk and so didn't have any soda.

Elena said...

I like that idea. Do I have to drink a whole glass of milk too, though?

Uh... nevermind, I suspect that a glass of milk would do me good, too...