Let the Doopah-Doopah begin!

She's crawling!

But only if you put something intriguing just beyond her reach.

It feels a bit like leading a donkey onward with a carrot, but coaxing her forward with a brightly colored ball is the definitely the new form of entertainment around here. For all of us.


HolyMama! said...

how exciting! we're heading toward that stage, ourselves. Can't wait!

Elena said...

It's so nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy, no worries. Because everything's already babyproofed! It was a bit nerve-wracking the first time around... =)

Lauren said...

And the prompting will last all of what a week? They change so fast! Can't wait to hear she's walking, which again is right around the corner. :)

Elena said...

Yeah, the prompting's pretty much unnecessary by now. She's so funny. She only gets up on her hands and knees if she's mad. Generally, she propels herself forward with her elbows and toes. See, if she uses her elbows, then her hands are free for grabbing stuff. And grabbing stuff is Tembo's driving need, every bit as essential as grubbies and huggies and air. Oh yes. MUST. GRAB. STUFF.