Last Thursday, I got a call from my mom asking if we were doing anything over the weekend.

This wouldn't have been terribly strange, except that my family lives about 10 hours away. But come Saturday morning, there they were on our doorstep. Mom, Dad, Sarah... and seventy-five pounds of wriggling black and white fur.

I'd tried my best to prepare the wuggies for Paddington's arrival, and Thursday and Friday were filled with coversations about the dog-EE that was coming. The idea of a dog-EE was very exciting indeed, but when it came down to it, they weren't at all sure what to do with a real live border collie in flesh and fur. And with such an enormous tongue, too!

All day Saturday, Paddington was relegated to the far corner of the kitchen, while the boys kept at a safe distance. Tembo was quite comfortable crawling up to him, tugging at his fur and submitting to his kisses, although Dadders wasn't quite so sure about this at first. But the masculine segment of the Wuggyville population did eventually warm up to this creature. Sunday, the boys were okay with being in the same room with him, and on Monday, they would cautiously approach, and stroke his fur a few times before retreating back to safety. By the time Tuesday rolled around, they were actually sorry to see him go.

But they never did quite figure out how to categorize him. He certainly didn't look like any dog-EE they'd ever seen. And nothing like the pictures in their books. But there we were, insisting on calling him a doggy, so doggy he must be... ? So Dog-EE? he was. Emphasis on the last syllable (as usual), and always a question mark at the end.

Yet he really did look familiar, rather like something they'd seen before... And so whenever Nate-bug pointed Padders out to us--because, of course, everything must be pointed out, and often--he would announce "Dog-EE? Moo!"

I think Isaiah has the idea by now, though. That sort of thing is most definitely a dog.

How do I know this? Because as we were sitting together on the couch this morning, reading Black and White, he was quick to point out all the holsteins. "Dog-EE!"


Lauren said...

Let's you off the hook, for a while anyway. I love the name Paddington, how cute is that?

Elena said...

When he was a puppy, I remember sitting around the kitchen table as a family, trying to figure out what to name him. Somebody suggested naming him after Paddington Bear, but Dad had never actually read the books. So Mom was describing Paddington to Dad. Well... let's see... he loves marmalade, and he sucks his paw... At that very moment, Dad caught the little puppy sucking his paw. Paddington he is. =) Such a wonderful dog, too. Border collies are really amazing creatures.