More than a feeling

We weren't caught up on the laundry when we moved... and sad to say, we still aren't. Every single box in the house has been unpacked, except for my art supplies in our bedroom closet(which are better left safely packed up, anyway) and that huge tower of dirty laundry in the hall. I've worked fairly hard on it, doing a load a day on average--just enough to take care of all the laundry we're continually producing, and slowly chip away at the tower. When I finally uncovered that gorgeous turquoise sweater (alas, some weeks after that holiday party...) I found motivation to step up the pace to two loads a day. Who knew what other treasures I might excavate? My wardrobe is getting a bit sparse, so it was a relief to realize that maybe I didn't need a trip to Old Navy, maybe a trip to the laundromat was what was really in order.

A trip to the laundromat didn't fit into the schedule any better than a trip to Old Navy fit into the budget, though. I just kept chipping away at it, one load at a time. Slow, very slow, but I was making progress. Last week, I could finally see a huge difference. Two boxes down, three to go!

And then in rained. Which wouldn't have been a problem, except for those three boxes of too-small boy clothes and maternity-wear sitting out behind the house. I was back where I started, only worse. Much worse.

If finding a beautiful sweater is a powerful motivator, inability to get to the washing machine without stepping over a mountain of laundry is a powerful demotivator. I didn't get very far this week.

This afternoon, after dragging myself over to the laundry area to put in yet another load, I threw my hands up in despair. "I have a feeling that I'm never going to get to the bottom of this."

My true love looked deep into my eyes and softly whispered, "It's more than a feeling, baby."


Lauren said...

More encouragemnet and support, who could find? ;-)

DKG&Z said...

Hey guys, this is douglas. I know that this is strange to post this here but i supposed that you were writing a blog and you might get it faster this way. Please feel free to delete this. Well... i am trying to call Andrew and keeping getting a busy signal. I am home all night(it is about 7:15) right now)so please call me if you get a chance. I will keep trying as well.

We have been praying for you guys and the job opportunity. i pray that God will provide what you need.

Elena said...

Hey Douglas! Good to hear from you. Andy has been trying to get a hold of you for a while. We've been having some problems with the home line, so his cell is the best way to reach him. Give my love to Karen and the little guy!