Yes, my wuggy-boys are known to shout "Mine! Mine! Mine!" in a really remarkable imitation of the seagulls from Finding Nemo. It's not always that they're being bratty and demanding, sometimes it's just a part of their constant commentary on the world. Inscrutible... but then again, it all is. "Baby nigh nigh, truck vroom vroom, duck quack, three one two! Mine! Mine! Mine! Green whatchasay dog-EE?"

So I wouldn't have been too concerned yesterday afternoon when Nathan was goodnaturedly yelling "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Except that he was shaking a glass display case.

Containing a pack of cigarettes.

For a "quit smoking" display.

At the library.


Lauren said...

Yeah, I sooooo miss those days. :)

Matthew said...

Yup. That's the way to do it. Get 'em hooked early...


Sandi said...

OH my! LOL

ClimbingTowardtheSun said...

My hubby and I are *still* laughing abt this...I loved your live impression of Meepo (at Rachel's party)!