A Tip

We didn't eat corned beef and cabbage for Saint Paddy's Day. We had... surprise, surprise! ...pizza! (Probably my best yet, for what it's worth. Things are looking up.)

On the 19th however, Andy stopped by Stater Bros. and picked up some corned beef. Around twenty-four pounds of it.


I kid you not. And since it's cured meat, it lasts for months.

Such an easy meal, and so delicious. Just put it in a pot and let it boil. The package directions say an hour and a half per pound, but the longer you let it go, the more tender it will be. (Uh, that refers to the corned beef. The cabbage should definitely be a last minute thing.)

Mmm-mmm! We've been waiting for this all year. =)


~Melissa said...

That is so crazy! I predict that you are going to be sick to death of corned beef within a few months. 24 pounds is no joking matter!

slowlane said...

I tried cooking corned beef once. I was not impressed. My mom says I should have changed the water it was boiling in at least once. I think I will have to wait another several years before I give it another try.

Elena said...

You'd be surprised at how much a family of five can eat. =) I've planned for corned beef one dinner a week, and reuben sandwiches for lunch once a week. Until May 20.

Becka, what was wrong with your corned beef? Too spicy, or too soggy, or what?

slowlane said...

It was too salty and soggy, I think. There was also the problem that none of my roommates ate it and I couldn't stand to throw it away so I ended up eating it for every meal for a couple of days.