On the edge of my seat

I'm blogging right now, because if I'm blogging, then my computer is on the internet. And if my computer is on the internet, then that means the phone line is in use. And if the phone line is in use, then I cannot possibly call Andy's cell phone and pester him with questions about how the interview went.

Because the interview is probably still going on, and calling and pestering right now would probably NOT increase the likelihood of a desirable outcome.

Besides, I'm sure that as soon as he's done with the interview, he'll call and tell me all about it. So he hasn't called yet, and that means he's still in the interview.

Except maybe he DID call, only the phone line was busy because I'm online.

I'd better get off right now and call him, just to make sure.


Maybe I should just go eat some rocky road ice cream.

Everybody knows you can't talk on the phone while you're eating rocky road ice cream.

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