Magical Kisses

I was always under the vague impression that parents train their children to believe that kisses make owies all better. Turns out it’s quite the opposite. Whenever the wuggy-boys came up to us with pinched finger or a bonked noggin, we would squeeze them tight and kiss the owie. But we never told them that would solve anything, and I, at least, never expected it to.

But strangely enough, mommy’s kisses really do make everything better. They will come up to me, wailing melodramatically, “ow-EE! ow-EE! ow-EE!” The moment my lips touch their wounds, though, they are off gleefully chasing balls once again. It’s really amazing. I can’t quite get over my newfound superpowers.

Yesterday afternoon Nathan cut his foot on one of the grates. (I wonder how THAT might have happened...) He stood before me on one leg, and tried to lift his hurt foot up to receive my magical kisses. As soon as he realized that wasn’t going to work, he gave up and just offered me his finger. “Ow-EE?” So I kissed his finger instead.

And that made everything all better.

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