"Night-night" is the latest obsession 'o the wuggy-boys. In general, this is a good thing. Sleep is one of those hobbies that parenthood has squeezed out of my life, and so I'm thrilled that they're starting to show an interest.

When I want to show my love for someone by taking on one of their interests, it's usually so we can enjoy the activity together. I've become interested in blocks, so that we can build towers together. I've become interested in Curious George so that we can read together. I've become interested in whole-wheat flour so that... well, I guess we're interested in flour for entirely different purposes, but you get the idea. Anyway, I was hoping that the boys would become interested in "nigh-nigh" so we could all enjoy napping together.

No such luck. The boys, you see, are learning to talk. And everyone knows that you learn to talk by talking. A lot. Excitement over anything translates into excitement over talking about that thing. Excitedly.


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Matthew said...

That's right up there with learning to share by taking a toy away from one person so you can use it to play together with someone completely different. "But I'm SHARING!"

Perhaps next in the learning scheme, we'll learn about whispering. =)