Interview Update

The interview went very well. It just became more and more clear that this school is precisely the sort of place Andy want's to work, and that Andy is precisely the sort of person they need. The question of the day for them is "how can we best integrate mathematics into a classical and Christian education?" And of course that's Andy's passion.

It would be a hard job, teaching Latin, great books, and logic in addition to math. Very time-intensive. But right now, he desperately wishes that his job was less demanding so that he could... brush up on his Latin. And they won't make him get a teaching credential, which is what's really throwing him over the edge right now. This school is very big on teacher education---so much so that they hire their teachers year round so that they can send them home with a reading list over the summer. Lots of workshops and seminars and mentoring, just not the miles and miles of hoop-jumping. The match is so perfect it's not even funny.

The only problem is money. They don't have any. And supporting a family of five takes a lot of it... particularly in Orange County.

So they're going to attempt to raise the money necessary to enable Andy to work for them, and get back to him in a month.

The odds are low. Very low. Classical schools are typically only able pay their teachers less than 2/3 of what it takes to support a family around here.

It's so nerve-wracking. The contrast between an exciting endeavor such as this, and another year of grueling drudgery.... But the bottom line is that Andy longs to further the God's Kingdom by sharpening powerful minds for His service. If this is what God wants, then he will provide the means to make it happen. And if not, we will thank him for providing the miserable drudge-work by which Andy can feed our children. If that is the path that God has chosen for us, He will provide the stamina.

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Ashley said...

The job sounds amazing. I didn't know schools like that existed. I really hope that it works out because I know you would all be happier if Andy had a job like that.