They shall sow their seed with tears...

Last night I stopped by Costco to pick up a couple gallons of milk and some string cheese. (It's awfully nice to be close enough to just pop through for just a few items. Especially since our family is now big enough that buying in bulk is the only thing that makes sense!) Having disobeyed that cardinal rule of shopping--never step into a grocery store when you are hungry--I also bought a big tub of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Having destroyed the refrigerator lock earlier in the day, Nathan peeked in after I got home and saw the tub of dough on the second shelf, adorned with the luscious pictures that had lured me into buying it in the first place. He was very excited. "Cakoo! Cakoo!"

"Well, actually, those aren't crackers, those are cookies. And we'll have some tomorrow."

"Coo-KEE! Coo-KEE!"

Well, true to my word, I baked up a batch today. The wuggies were a bit dismayed to discover that there was only dough in the tub, but they happily nibbled while I arranged the little blobs on a cookie sheet.

But then...

Mama put the coo-KEEs in the oven. The hot, scary, nasty oven.

I'm not sure that I've ever seen Nathan more devestated.

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Lauren said...

Same feeling I get, I prefer the dough.